Members of the Board of Directors went on a medical mission sponsored by At Home and Afar to the Dominican Republic and it provided a good opportunity to check on the water treatment project in Barahona. The well pump had burned out and another was installed. We were fortunate to have with us and engineer from the States who had extensive experience in water projects and he was able to make some changes to the electrical system and the hydraulic set up to make the new pump more efficient. The Barahona water system is now serving over 300 households.

We also met with the community leaders in the Rio Chil community where we are making great progress with the second water project. The well has been completed and a cistern has been built. The community leaders secured help from the local government in excavating the trenches for the distribution system to homes and we are now waiting for this to be completed. The community leaders are a very strong group and can be counted on to secure local support and keep water flowing.