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The Vandermark Foundation has developed strong relationships with our grantees. These relationships often grow into sustained affiliations. Because of this we fund only a limited number of new grantees each year. Grant proposals are on an invitation only basis and we do not accept unsolicited proposals. Funding decisions are based on careful review of an organization’s strategies, demonstrated effectiveness, leadership and financial position.

The Foundation seeks out organizations that are making an impact in an area consistent with our interest and in a geographic location that the Foundation has targeted. Our grants can be for a capital improvement, a multi-year project or a strategic initiative. The Foundation does not generally fund on-going operations. The Foundation also works to bring our grantees together to help each other. When we see a capacity in one of our grantees, that we believe would benefit another, we work to establish joint ventures.

After an organization has been invited to apply for a grant, the Foundation will work with that organization to help the charity establish clear goals, define measurable outcomes and develop a project plan that is consistent with the Foundation’s priorities and will result in a sustainable program. Our hope is that every charity that we invite to apply for a grant will be able to develop a proposal that the Foundation will feel excited to fund.

The Vandermark Foundation works to educate, strengthen and empower communities. If you are interested in learning more please fill out the form and submit.

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