Women’s Education Project

The first project the Vandermark Foundation took on was the Women’s Education Project. We had always believed that countries that fail to educate women waste half of their most precious resources. World hunger is an overwhelming challenge but the Foundation trusts that the single best answer to this challenge is the education of women. We were introduced to the Women’s Education Project, which is based in New York City but works in India, and we greatly admired their commitment to the advancement of women and their reliance on developing local leadership. The Vandermark Foundation was awestruck by the achievements of the Women’s Education Project and incredibly impressed by the fact that they were able to do so much with limited resources. Like most charitable providers fundraising was an important part of what they did and every dollar they raised went to support direct services for the women. It was difficult for WEP to engage in long-term projects because they needed to raise funds to support ongoing programs and were never confident that they could sustain funding. In order to provide them with the security required for sustained projects, the Foundation provided them with a five-year endowment. Since that first grant, the Foundation has been pleased to fund other projects.

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