At Home and Afar


Some of the most impactful changes that can be made to improve health in developing countries are profoundly simple. Clean drinking water is just such a change. The Vandermark Foundation had been looking for a partner to help us improve the supply of clean drinking water and we were fortunate to find At Home and Afar, which has shown a commitment to such projects. At Home and Afar, centered in Massachusetts, is dedicated to improving medical care, increasing healthcare awareness and education and sustaining health by improving the availability of adequate shelter, clothing, and clean drinking water.

The Vandermark Foundation has funded two clean water projects through our partnership with At Home and Afar. The first project currently provides clean water to Barahona, Dominican Republic. The second project is currently being completed in Rio Chil, Dominican Republic and should begin delivering clean water later this year. Our foundation also participates in medical missions to the Dominican Republic.

Make a donation to At Home and Afar or to learn more about their work.