Our Beliefs

The Vandermark Foundation recognizes that poverty is a complex social condition that goes beyond a lack of resources. Poverty is a generations old institution for a family and a community.  It isolates people socially, limits access to resources such as food, shelter and healthcare and robs people of hope.

We Believe

We believe that children are the most vulnerable to the effects of poverty and disasters.

We believe that poverty and disasters are more often experienced in the developing world where the resources to cope are the most scarce.

We believe that the child’s early years are the most formative and that during this sensitive time the foundations of a child’s future are established. The effects of disruptions during these early years affect the child’s future and may be experienced for generations to come.

We believe that the most vulnerable people need support and protection and that those who have adequate resources have a positive responsibility to provide that support and protection.

We believe that all people have a right to a safe home, adequate food and clean water, health care, protection from exploitation and opportunities for education.

We believe in the empowerment of local communities and the importance of fostering the ability of communities to provide for themselves, direct their own future and establish a self-sustaining system.

We believe that the solution to poverty and hunger lies in the education and empowerment of all people and the acceptance of the equality of every person in the community.

With the center of operation in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the Foundation was established in 2011 and is recognized under the USA IRS Code as 501 ©(3) private foundation.